lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

M51 ISherman: start new project!

Questa settimana sono lontano da casa per lavoro e con me ho portato un nuovo progetto: M51 ISherman, novità assoluta per il mio standard riguardo al periodo storico. Sarà un progetto a lungo termine che andrà avanti nelle pause tra i carri armati della WWII. Ecco dopo 40 minuti di lavoro..... quanti pezzi!!!!
This week I am away from home for work and I brought with me a new project: M 51 ISherman, an absolute novelty for my standards with regard to the historical period. It will be a long-term project that will go on during the pauses between the tanks of WWII. Here after 40 minutes of work ..... how many pieces!!

2 commenti:

  1. So you aretrying something else than German tanks???
    I'm eager to see this to completion!
    Keep going, Fabrizio!

  2. Thanks Alex.
    Let's say you want to try to change their gender. German tanks are my favorite but I'll try to make envi M51 and also a T34/85 used in Berlin in 45! We'll see.