domenica 5 marzo 2017

Tiger F13: finished!

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  1. Ciao Fabrizio , lavoro preciso ..tale e quale .. , bellissimo lavoro hai un occhio , anzi due , ed una mano fantastica .

    1. Grazie Loris....Mi sono divertito molto nel farlo! Alla prossima!!

  2. Stunning piece of art Fabrizio, I have the dragon kit of the F13 and I see you have put zimmerit on your Tiger as I'm sure you know some of Gruppe Fehrmann had zimmerit and others did not. People where telling me there was only zimmerit on the hull. I went to Tiger 1 info and the site said it had zimmerit, put still a little confusing, but now I have seen yours I will be putting zimmerit on my Tiger 1. inspired by your beautiful piece of art. Thanks for posting it up.